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(DoKumentation) Internal System MaintEnance Team

This page last updated: February 25, 2000.
Created by
Lisa MacDonald.

Here’s a list of what we do:

We are:
Jeremy Kerr – (954-7190)
Jacqueline Ares – (954-7484)
Richard Gratton – (954-7536)
Lisa MacDonald – (954-7162)

Here’s a nice table of the machines we look after:
*Note: We can no longer run test accounts from the machines in Wellington. All software must be installed locally on each machine, and products must run on the
 appropriate system (i.e. smoke* runs on Octane only).

Machine Name


Host ID

Installed Software
Tunisia (Lisa) OCT MXI flame* 7.0 alpha1
smoke* 4.0 beta1
Barbados (Lisa) IN2 flint* 6.0
Slovenia (Jacqueline)
O2 effect* 6.0 beta3
Suriname (Jeremy) OCT MXI smoke* 3.6 beta1
Somalia (Richard) O2 discreet edit utility* 3.0
effect* 6.0
Belieze (Richard) IN2 N/A


List O' Links

Hey, look what Jeremy made! (.pdf file)

Jeremy ran a great crash course on everything you wanted to know about your SGI. Click on the link above to download a .pdf version of the course notes.