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d o w n l o a d a b l e
s o f t w a r e

Created and maintained by Lisa MacDonald
Last updated March 30, 2000

Note: When downloading any of these files, make sure that you select Save To Disk to run executable files from your PC.

Adobe PS Software

Windows NT version
Windows 98 version
A zipped executable file to install Postscript printer drivers.

Cute FTP 3.5

Click to download
An FTP client that's prettier and nicer than FTP explorer. It also prompts you before overwriting a file, which is nice.

Debabilizer Tutorial

Click to download
It's a tutorial. On how to debabilize. *cough*

Dreamweaver 2.0

Click to download
A demo version of Macromedia's Dreamweaver, an excellent HTML editor. 30 day trial version that really does stop functioning after the trial period.

ESS Driver

For Windows NT only.
Click to download
Have you been CDOE'd? Have you magically lost your sound card driver? DOH. Download this zip file and install to get your audio back.

HomeSite 4.5

Click to download
A demo version of another great HTML editor. 30 day evaluation version that you can keep using well past the expiration date.*
*when the little "hey, you haven't purchased this yet" window pops up, just click Purchase (the Allaire home page opens), go back to your HomeSite window, and you can keep working away. But you didn't hear this from me.

Iomega Zip Software

For Windows NT only.
Core software
Install this software if you ever want to hook up the zip drive to your PC. Install the core software before installing the drivers.


Click to download
An alternative to Internet Explorer for all your web browsing needs.

PaintShopPro 5.01

Click to download
A nice n' free program to create and edit graphics.

Quicktime 3.0

Click to download
A program to view various formats of moving images.

TT Fonts

Click to download
Download those pesky Goudy fonts that keep disappearing on us.
To install:
1. Unzip the file to any folder on your PC.
2. Use your Start menu to go to Settings/Control Panel, then click the Fonts control panel.
3. Choose File/Install New Fonts.
4. Browse to the downloaded fonts, click Select all, and click OK.
5. You may or may not have to restart FrameMaker.

Winamp 2.5

Click to download
An mp3 player so you can listen to your legally acquired songs on your PC.

Winzip 7.0

Click to download
Use this program to open, install and create files with a .zip extension.