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I'm a technical author for Citrix Systems in the UK. We produce software for computer networking, which allows users to access applications on servers from various devices. I write the user guide and SDK for the one of the products called the Web Interface; software that allows users to access their applications using a Web page. I edit and write the manual using FrameMaker, create the online help using RoboHelp HTML, and produce an SDK using Dreamweaver. I am also responsible for creating and maintaining a master readme file (HTML format), that contains late breaking issues for all of the products in the MetaFrame Presentation Server suite.

When I'm not busy writing for Citrix, I spend my free time exploring my new country of residence. I enjoy travelling around the UK visiting new cities and discovering more about Cambridge as well. Now that I live next door to the rest of Europe, I'm eager to explore much more of the continent. After work, I can usually be found at the gym running on the treadmill, taking a yoga class, or ambling around the countryside with our dog.

I plan on continuing to develop my technical skills by learning more about programming languages and HTML help, and to further my writing skills by attending seminars on editing, indexing, and concepts such as single sourcing. Unfortunately, the UK chapter of the STC tends to meet in London which is a bit out of the way for me, but I do plan on attending relevant seminars which are usually held all around the country and I have been a judge in various STC competitions. I am currently completing an MA in Technical Communication from Sheffield Hallam University.



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